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Our Associations

Group 500

group-500Group 500 is the largest marketing affinity group ever established for insurance and financial services. Evenly spread across North America, Group 500 has selected one agency for every 500,000 in population, and Rhodes & Williams is proud to be the representative for our geographical area.

The extensive Group 500 network allows one member immediate service capabilities from any other member within the group. As a member, we can offer local insurance and risk-management products while utilizing the extensive automated system to provide on-site coverages and services anywhere in the world. We also have access to the extensive, combined knowledge from our insurance brokers.


The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

bipper-sideThe Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is a voluntary membership organization serving the interests of more than 10,000 independent insurance brokers across the Province of Ontario. Working with its members, the IBAO is able to build and maintain a business environment that allows individual brokerages to thrive.

In 1997, an IBAO Strategic Planning Session created a mission statement for the organization. The statement succinctly summarizes the key goals underlying all IBAO activities:

"To preserve and enhance the value and integrity of the independent broker insurance distribution system and to be recognized as an invaluable resource to and by member brokers."



Founded in 1981, Capcorp has become one of Canada's leading independent financial services companies. Its clients include both large national organizations and the individual investor.

Capcorp's success is derived from the commitment to developing and maintaining quality client relationships. Its independence allows clients to access products offered by most Insurance companies, Mutual Fund companies, Trust companies, and other financial institutions in Canada.

If you're a client of Rhodes & Williams, and would like to discuss your financial needs with a member of our sister company, Capcorp, you can simply give your Account Executive or Account Manager a call, and they can put you in touch with someone who can look after your needs.

You can hope for perfect service and Rhodes & Williams will never give anything less…. Your Commercial Insurance team is always professional and patient, tirelessly getting quotes and working extremely hard to get us proper coverage at a reasonable cost. Lately, much more of our business is with transnational corporations, contracted directly or as subcontractor. Our Rhodes & Williams Insurance Team is comfortable with the complexity and dollar volume that our clients demand and help us focus on providing our best service to them, much like they provide to my firm. That is why I am offering this testimonial to any and all who might consider the excellent people at Rhodes & Williams as their Insurance Brokers.

Gary M. Kisch Operations Manager InCAD Corporation

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