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Our Commitment to Transparency

The insurance brokers at Rhodes & Williams Limited have always worked with clients to provide the best value by matching insurance coverage with service and price, whether we are providing a complete business insurance solution or a single quote on car insurance.

Our insurance brokers select and negotiate for your insurance coverage based on your insurance needs, and not the particulars of the insurance compensation agreements.

As trusted insurance brokers, we have always been willing to reveal our compensation terms if asked by our clients.

With new guidelines provided by governing bodies such as the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO), and RIBO, our insurance brokers now give point-of-sale disclosure of compensation for our insurance products. Since January of 2005 Rhodes & Williams clients have been provided with details of the compensation that we receive for looking after their insurance needs. Information can also be obtained on the respective insurance company websites.

You can hope for perfect service and Rhodes & Williams will never give anything less…. Your Commercial Insurance team is always professional and patient, tirelessly getting quotes and working extremely hard to get us proper coverage at a reasonable cost. Lately, much more of our business is with transnational corporations, contracted directly or as subcontractor. Our Rhodes & Williams Insurance Team is comfortable with the complexity and dollar volume that our clients demand and help us focus on providing our best service to them, much like they provide to my firm. That is why I am offering this testimonial to any and all who might consider the excellent people at Rhodes & Williams as their Insurance Brokers.

Gary M. Kisch Operations Manager InCAD Corporation

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