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Our History

Rhodes & Williams Ltd. was established in 1935, and has since grown to be one of the largest independently owned insurance brokerages in Eastern Ontario. We've been in the insurance business for over 80 years, providing outstanding personal insurance and business insurance solutions. Some of our clients have been with us for over half a century, and that's because they know that our insurance brokers and our whole team care about keeping their family, their business, and their way of life protected.

An Insurance Brokerage with a Rich 80 Year History

Initially called E.N. Rhodes & Sons Insurance and Real Estate, the company was run by Edgar Nelson Rhodes Sr. and his sons, David and Edgar Nelson Jr. The company was eventually split into two and both Rhodes Real Estate and Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers still operate to this day.

David Rhodes still sits on the Rhodes & Williams board of directors, and he's in and around the office most mornings during the summer. Until recently, Wendell Williams, another of the original founders, would often stop by, check up on how his clients were doing, and share stories with the younger staff about some of his first insurance accounts.

About 20 years ago, David retired from full-time insurance work and brought in Trent Young, who, along with other long-time employees, took over the ownership of the company. Since then, Rhodes has grown immensely, adding six new insurance brokerages and becoming licensed in every Canadian province.

The Rhodes & Williams
Group of Companies - Family

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A funny thing happens when you provide really good service and you help clients find the right protection at the right price…you get lots more of them. Since 1935, our Insurance Brokers have been helping insurance clients, and we’ve been growing! At the same time, we have acquired other Brokerages with the same reputation for expertise, knowledge and professional service that wish to join our team. These Brokerages continue to operate under their original names with their same great staff providing the same great service. Joining the Rhodes & Williams Group provides greater access to more insurance companies and products than a smaller insurance broker simply could not deliver on their own.

Stability and growth of The Rhodes & Williams Group of Companies has enabled us to always provide both long term and new clients with the perfect fit for their insurance solutions.

You can hope for perfect service and Rhodes & Williams will never give anything less…. Your Commercial Insurance team is always professional and patient, tirelessly getting quotes and working extremely hard to get us proper coverage at a reasonable cost. Lately, much more of our business is with transnational corporations, contracted directly or as subcontractor. Our Rhodes & Williams Insurance Team is comfortable with the complexity and dollar volume that our clients demand and help us focus on providing our best service to them, much like they provide to my firm. That is why I am offering this testimonial to any and all who might consider the excellent people at Rhodes & Williams as their Insurance Brokers.

Gary M. Kisch Operations Manager InCAD Corporation

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