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Changes to Ontario’s Auto Insurance

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You may have heard about the changes to your auto insurance; in fact, you’ve probably received something in the mail ─ given the wide scope of the reductions in coverage and of the options for additional coverage. With these big changes, it’s surprising to hear that less than half of Ontarians were aware of the upcoming insurance changes ─ according to a recent study conducted by IBAO (Insurance Broker Association of Ontario). (Source: IBAO Consumer Survey)

Automobile insurance in Ontario is government regulated, which means these changes are not specific to one insurance company, they will impact every auto insurance policy holder in the province.

Though the new rules take effect June 1, 2016, changes won't affect individual policy-holders until their policies come up for renewal. Even though it may not affect you right away, it is important to understand these changes as it could affect you or your family in the near future.

Accident Benefit Changes

The most significant updates are the changes in the Accident Benefit coverage. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, Accident Benefits cover expenses like medical, rehabilitation and attendant care ─ usually no matter who was at fault or caused the collision. Typically we assume medical expenses are covered by OHIP, but in the event of injury from a car accident, your car insurance policy becomes a major factor in how much coverage you receive and what coverage may be available to you.

Medical Rehabilitation is arguably the most important Accident Benefit, it covers necessary medical and rehabilitation expenses like physiotherapy and chiropractic services. A second benefit called Attendant Care covers the cost of a professional aide or attendant to look after you either at home or within a healthcare facility. After June 1st, and effective on your renewal date, the maximum standard settlement and maximum optional settlement will change, it’s important you review these changes to ensure you will still have adequate coverage.

We highly recommend you become familiar with all of the changes to the Ontario Automobile Policy. To help you understand, we have developed a webpage that explains the changes in fine detail. 

Additionally, we encourage you to contact us and let us bring you up to speed about the changes that will impact you and your loved ones.

Our informative accident benefits website: www.accident-benefits.tips


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