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Oh…and I Have to Remember to Call and Cancel My Boat Insurance


 Pexels Photo Fall Boats

ME: WHAT?!? Why are you cancelling? 

CLIENT: Well, it’s the fall and I can’t use my boat in the winter

Just because your boat isn’t in the water, that doesn’t mean that things can’t go terribly wrong.  Your boat could be stolen, the storage facility could catch on fire, rodents could damage it, the weight of snow and ice can wreak havoc ─ the list goes on. Proper boat insurance gives you so much more coverage than you may even realize.

It is important to note that not all policies are created equal. Make sure you deal with a broker who knows boat insurance and who can protect you against the perils of winter. 

How sad would you be on that first beautiful day in spring if your boat couldn’t go back in the water because you decided to call and cancel your boat insurance?

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After repeated problems with our current insurance broker I got in touch with @ottawainsurance from Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers who I had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter and then at a local get-together ... they actually came at a significant savings!

Sara McConnell

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