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What Are E-Signatures?

An electronic signature, or e-signature, is like an electronic ‘fingerprint’ in the form of a coded message. E-signatures, like handwritten signatures are unique to each signer, they securely associate a signer with a document in a trackable recorded transaction.

What Are the Benefits of E-Signatures?

Electronic signatures allow clients to sign documents electronically on computers, tablets or mobile devices in a single step at any time or place. They eliminate the print-sign-scan process resulting in extremely fast turn-around times. These transactions are fast, secure, verifiable and paperless.

What Are E-Signatures Used For?

Electronic signatures are used on every sort of document where a signature is needed. A few examples are:

  • Sale contracts, invoices and approval appraisals
  • Fill out and sign leases and other rental and housing agreements
  • Electronically sign tax documents, bank forms and insurance documents

Are E-Signatures Secure?

The simple answer: Yes. Electronic signatures are considered legal and secure with the level of security depending (in part) on your e-Signature service provider (we currently use Sertifi). For the in-depth answer, visit the Technology and Security section on the Sertifi website.

Are E-Signatures Legal?

Yes, electronic signatures are valid and legally binding in the United States, Canada, the European Union, the UK, and many other areas of the world. For more information about the legality of electronic signatures, visit the Government of Canada Justice Laws Website or the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations.

How to Use E-Signatures?

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