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Construction and Contractors


Your construction business encounters a variety of industry-related risks each year, and to manage them you need the right insurance solution - and that requires construction insurance expertise.

construction insurance expertise

An expert business insurance broker from Rhodes & Williams can work with you to design an insurance plan that manages your risks in a cost-effective manner. With a Rhodes & Williams insurance broker as your advisor, you can take the necessary steps to manage your risks. Our insurance brokers can provide everything from a rush insurance confirmation request for that contract you are bidding on, to claims service when you need it most.

As experts in construction and contractor insurance, our business insurance brokers can help you:

  • Take action to control or lower your insurance costs.
  • Reduce your company's exposure to uninsurable losses.
  • Provide a safer environment for you, your customers and your employees.

Our insurance brokers can also help you with programs that will prevent accidents and losses.

Whatever your risk and insurance needs are, our business insurance brokers can help. Contact us today to find our how we can create a hassle-free, cost-effective insurance solution custom designed for your needs.

I recently inquired with Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers about gathering some information to allow our accountants to better serve our clients, by having a basic understanding of the business insurance they may require under various circumstances. I have no hesitation in referring anyone to the experts at Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers.

Ryan Dostie, CA, CFP Partner Welch LLP - Chartered Accountants

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