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TECHCOVER® High Tech Insurance


TECHCOVER® insurance is a business insurance solution custom designed for the high tech industry. Our high tech business insurance brokers have come up with TECHCOVER® specifically for our clients in the high tech field.

High technology firms present unique business insurance requirements. TECHCOVER® is the name that Rhodes & Williams has given to the coverage we design for you, customized to your insurance and risk management needs. Over the past 18 years, Rhodes & Williams has continued to develop and perfect our high tech insurance coverage to provide the protection you need. We are technology insurance experts.

High Tech Insurance Coverage That's Right for You

Depending on the insurance needs of your business, the TECHCOVER® Program may include such insurance coverage as protection for your research and development costs, liability coverage on products sold around the world, and if required, Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions), Directors' and Officers' Liability insurance coverage, and/or Cyber Liability Protection.

Our responsibility is to ensure that your business is protected effectively and economically. The TECHCOVER® Program, one of the most comprehensive of its kind available in Canada, permits us to do just that.

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Rhodes & Williams is a proud member of:

  • Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI)
  • Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

You can hope for perfect service and Rhodes & Williams will never give anything less…. Your Commercial Insurance team is always professional and patient, tirelessly getting quotes and working extremely hard to get us proper coverage at a reasonable cost. Lately, much more of our business is with transnational corporations, contracted directly or as subcontractor. Our Rhodes & Williams Insurance Team is comfortable with the complexity and dollar volume that our clients demand and help us focus on providing our best service to them, much like they provide to my firm. That is why I am offering this testimonial to any and all who might consider the excellent people at Rhodes & Williams as their Insurance Brokers.

Gary M. Kisch Operations Manager InCAD Corporation

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