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Trucking Insurance

Trucking companies are exposed to a wide variety of risks on a daily basis. These can range from small fender-benders to more serious, tragic, and often multi-million dollar situations involving serious injuries and fatalities. These daily exposures can be managed and handled by having strong company safety practices in place, good driver selection, comprehensive training programs and reporting claims on time, every time.

Effective Safety and Driver Management Programs are two of the best investments a trucking company can make. Not only can these programs lead to fewer infractions, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, better drivers and driver retention, and fewer accidents... they will also likely lead to lower insurance premiums.

Currently over 670,000 trucks are licensed to operate across Canada - and these vehicles require drivers. According to Statistics Canada, truck driving is this country's number one occupation among men.

The demand for qualified drivers is still skyrocketing. Recent studies estimate that 375,000 new drivers will be needed in Canada over the next decade, to serve our expanding economy and to replace those drivers who are retiring from the profession.

Meeting the increased demand for qualified drivers is a critical challenge. Although most trucking activities are regulated, minimum national standards for hiring drivers are surprisingly, not. This lack of regulation has allowed disreputable companies to offer uncertified training programs that push unqualified drivers into the industry to meet the soaring demand for new drivers.

Your insurance broker is an invaluable service provider and your primary point of contact regarding your policy. Regular contact with your insurance broker and your insurance company will enable you to obtain information that can influence your bottom line, such as helping you to recruit the right, qualified drivers, identify high-cost jurisdictions, and providing solutions to protect your fleet and high-theft cargos.

By making sure your insurer is aware of the investments you've made in safety and driver management, and that your whole team buys into these initiatives, does nothing but help build stability in your insurance program. An ongoing dialogue will build confidence and long-term relationships for the long haul.

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We were extremely pleased with the speed of their response and later, the speed with which our claim was processed. I would recommend Rhodes and Williams to anyone looking for a broker.

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