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Drive Safe? Prove it and Save 25% Off Your Car Insurance

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my Driving Discount ® from Intact Insurance

Some people have better driving habits than others. That’s why Intact Insurance has developed a program that rewards good driving behaviour. With my Driving Discount, you could save up to 25%* off your auto insurance premium.

Being a Good Driver Can Really Pay Off

Intact Insurance is one of the very first companies in Canada to offer significant discounts to anyone who can prove they are good drivers. With User Based Insurance (UBI) technology you can demonstrate just how safe you are behind the wheel and the reward can be a lucrative savings on your next auto renewal.

How it Works

With my Driving Discount®, a mobile app records your driving behaviour.  ssessment is based on kilometres driven, braking and acceleration tendencies and the time of day the vehicle is on the road. After you enrol, just download and install the app on your phone and it automatically records your trips. Drive safe and save 10% to 25% on your next renewal.
Driving Data

After you’ve enrolled in the program, you’ll have access to your driving profile with weekly emails and your private my Driving Discount® website, where you can get valuable information on driving behaviour, find out your potential savings and get tips.


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Client Advantages

• Save immediately! Get a 10% enrollment discount just for signing up
• Earn up to 25% discount at renewal (nine months of assessment required)
• Customized auto insurance premiums that reflect the way you drive
Nothing to lose! Your premiums won’t increase based on the data collected
• Personalized and private website that shows driving behaviour and discounts
• Free mobile app that's easy to download and use


Get started in three easy steps







SignupStep 1: Sign up – Enrolling in the my Driving Discount program is quick and easy and you automatically get a 10% discount when you sign up.  Looking to insure your car with Intact Insurance and sign up for my Driving Discount? Start by getting a quote: Contact us or get started with an Auto Quote today
SiginStep 2: Set up - You will get an email with the download instructions provided*.
Once you sign in, the app will automatically record your driving behaviour, including braking, acceleration and time of day you drive. The data reported is used to calculate a personalized discount of up to 25% off your car insurance premium.

SaveStep 3: SaveDepending on your driving habits and after you complete the assessment period of 9 months, you could save as much as 25% off your auto insurance at your next renewal.

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*Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. See our full Terms of Use for further details.

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After repeated problems with our current insurance broker I got in touch with @ottawainsurance from Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers who I had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter and then at a local get-together ... they actually came at a significant savings!

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