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Condo Insurance

Why Do You Need Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance keeps you protected against the worst-case scenarios. As a condo unit owner, you will be responsible if your actions are deemed to have caused damage to:

  • Your condo
  • Your neighbours' condo
  • The condo building
  • Any element of the property

Condominium Insurance

Your condominium corporation has insurance, so you may wonder why you need your own coverage. Here are some excellent reasons:

  • Your condominium corporation's insurance policy only covers items that are part of the building. You need your own insurance to protect the upgrades (improvements) you, or prior owners of your unit, have made inside your unit such as better carpets, flooring and kitchen/bathroom upgrades etc.
  • Your condominium corporation's policy will not cover your personal contents.  You need insurance for your furniture, artwork and other personal belongings. Finally, and perhaps most important of all, you need to protect yourself against personal liability for injuries to visitors to your home or for damage you accidentally cause to your neighbours' property.



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