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Renegade Bass Group Insurance Program

Renegade Bass Tour Insurance

Group Home and Auto Program


You could save up to 25% by bundling your home and auto insurance!

What Is It?

Rhodes & Williams Limited invites you to experience the benefits of being a member of Renegade Bass, the non-profit tournament association operated by the members for the members. We are proud to present your group car insurance and home insurance plan. The plan is underwritten by Novex Insurance and is exclusive to members of this association.

The plan is designed to give you superior coverages & service at very competitive prices.

This program is voluntary and there is no obligation to accept the quotation that you receive, however once you see the benefits, we have a feeling you will want to.

What are the benefits?

  • Extremely competitive premiums (discounted by Novex for members of Renegade Bass)
  • "EasyPay" Monthly pre-authorized payment plan with NO SERVICE CHARGES or interest fees
  • Strength in numbers as a member of the program
  • The security of one of Canada's leading and oldest, established insurers
  • An after hours, toll free number for AFTER HOURS claims assistance.
  • The services of one of the most respected Insurance Brokers in the city. 

Renegade Bass Insurance

Renegade Bass Member

Alternatively, you may request a quote or make an inquiry by contacting Heather Bonadie at 613-226-6590 X 309, toll-free at 1-888-391-8379 or by email at renegadebass@rhodeswilliams.com


Proud Sponsors of the Renegade Bass Tour.

Listen to an interview with Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers on the Renegade Bass Fishing Show.

She cheerfully and patiently answered all of my questions to my satisfaction (before I was a customer) when other companies left me wanting.

Darlene (North York)

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