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Shopify Group Program


You could save up to 25% by bundling your home and auto insurance!


Shopify Group Home and Auto Inurance Program 

Shopify Group Home and Auto program provided by Rhodes & Williams can offer substantial discounts for the group members’ personal insurance needs. With access to several insurance markets for Group Programs, Rhodes & Williams can place your organization with a leading insurance company that will custom fit the program to your needs and maximize savings for your members.group

Benefits for the Members:

  • Convenient payment options with no interest, service charges or fees
  • Personalized insurance counselling from licensed professionals
  • Fast, fair, courteous 24-hour claim service across North America at one toll-free number

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Shopify Group Home and Auto Insurance

Shopify Employee

Alternatively, you may request a quote or make an inquiry by contacting
Tim Moore at 613-226-6590 X 237, toll-free at 1-888-391-8379 or by email at shopify@rhodeswilliams.com

..my most sincere THANKS! for your great work...looking out for our best interests!!!

Peter Tzivanopoulos

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You can save up to 25% on your home and auto insurance. Shopify employees receive preferred rates through the Rhodes & Williams group insurance program underwritten by Economical Select.

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