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United Steelworkers (USW) Group Insurance Program

When it comes to Savings, it's all in the Numbers

When it comes to getting the best possible rates, there is definitely strength in numbers. We have developed a group insurance plan that is tailored to meet your needs - offering significant savings combined with outstanding coverage, customer service and claims assistance.

Our group plan protects cars, homes, seasonal dwellings, recreational vehicles and more. This exclusive coverage is available to all (USW) United Steelworkers members, retirees, spouses and qualifying dependants.

Travelers - Canada's Trusted Insurance Company


The USW Group Insurance Program is underwritten by Travelers, a proud Canadian company and one of our nation's largest providers of car and home insurance. The program is offered exclusively to individuals with valid USW membership status.

Increase the Amount You Save When:

  • Your car and property polices are both insured with Travelers
  • More than one car is insured with Travelers
  • You are 35 years or older and licensed 10 years or more
  • You have successfully completed a Driver Training Program
  • Your child only occasionally drives and is away at university or college
  • You have completed a watercraft safety course
  • You are 45 years or older and the property owner
  • Your property is mortgage-free
  • Your dwelling is less than 20 years old
  • Your property is claims-free for the last 3 years
  • More than one property is insured with Travelers
  • You have installed a centrally monitored alarm in your home

"The Dominion(Travelers) has been offering our members discounted home and auto insurance for many years now and the feed back from our membership has been phenomenal. In fact, The Dominion's(Travelers) Group Insurance Program along with its participating Brokers in Sudbury insure more than half of our USW Local 6500 brothers and sisters saving them thousands of dollars per year on their home and auto Insurance...Myself included! We all need home and auto insurance, and personally speaking, I'm glad I gave them a chance! Not only did they help me get better coverage, but they saved me several hundred dollars a year! In my experience, The Dominion (Travelers) and its participating brokers have always been quick to help our brothers and sisters in a time of need. During our year long strike, they assisted with daily lunches, water service and many other displays of incredibly generous support! On behalf of all our members, I wish to thank everyone at The Dominion (Travelers) and all participating brokers for being there for our members."

Rick Bertrand
USW Local 6500


How do I receive a quote?

To get your quotation, simply follow the link below. To receive your exclusive group discounts, please be sure to indicate you are a valid USW member at the bottom of the form when requesting a quote either by phone or online


For more information, please call:

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After repeated problems with our current insurance broker I got in touch with @ottawainsurance from Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers who I had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter and then at a local get-together ... they actually came at a significant savings!

Sara McConnell

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