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Enhanced Water Protection

Water Damage Coverages are Changing ─ Protect Yourself From Devastating Water Damage

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Water Damage from Storms are Occurring Everywhere

Rhodes & Williams is proud to offer many new enhanced water coverages to qualifying customers with personal property policies. It enhances the water protection for your residence with sewer back-up protection already in place or those who have not previously added additional water coverage.

Protect your home from…


Why You Need Additional Water Protection


Weather patterns are changing worldwide, a trend that’s affecting Canada directly.  Over the past 60 years, average temperatures have increased by 1.3 degrees Celsius and average rainfall has increased 12%. The end result is staggering ─ Canada now has 20 times the storms and floods that we had just two decades ago and major floods represent almost 40% of all natural disasters in this country.

And it’s not just overflow from rivers and lakes ─ damage from storms, spring thaw and other fresh water flooding is occurring everywhere.

Water Protection offers timely coverage that you can access today with participating insurers.

Insurers that Currently Offer Enhanced Water Protection

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Aviva Insurance

RSA Insurance

Intact & Novex Insurance

Gore Mutual WaterEscape Plus

Economical Waterwise

Travelers Sewer Back-up and Surface Water Rider 

Are You Flood Ready?

The Government of Canada has a great website with information about Flood water. Don't wait for the water to come, learn how to be flood ready. Visit: bit.ly/2mf7Aco for more information.


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