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Aviva Overland Water Protection

Protect your Home and Belongings from Overland Water Damage


What is Overland Water Protection?


Overland Water is defined as fresh water from rivers, lakes or water suddenly accumulated as a result of heavy rainfall. Flood refers to coastal flooding from salt water – such as from Tsunamis and tidal waves. This endorsement does not cover flooding from coastal waters and there is no plan to include this in the near future.

How Do I Get It?


AvivawaterCoverage for this endorsement is available to policy holders effective June 1, 2015. If you are an Aviva property policy holder with us and you would like to add the coverage, simply contact your broker. If you are not with Aviva currently, but feel you need this coverage, you can contact us to see about transferring your home insurance policy to Aviva and adding the Overland Water Endorsement for you.

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Aviva Overland Water Protection

Policy Information

*Not everyone qualifies for Aviva Overland Water Protection ─ selecting 'Yes' on the form above does not guarantee coverage

How Much Does it Cost?

Aviva customers can add the Overland Water Endorsement to their existing policies, but it does come at a cost. The cost is determined by the value of your house as well as the area that you live in relative to Overland Water Risk Zones that have been identified by Aviva.

Coverage will have a higher cost in higher risk zones. Aviva anticipates this coverage to cost anywhere from $59/year (in extremely low risk areas) with the cost being much higher if you are located in areas considered higher risk and on properties with greater values.

Not everyone can get this coverage however. Aviva is not offering this coverage to customers in areas that it has identified as extremely high risk.

Have Any Other Aviva Coverages Changed?


Yes, Aviva has revised the wording under their Sewer Back-up endorsement. Here are some of the major changes to the Aviva Sewer Backup Endorsement:

  1. The wording now states that a Sewer Back-up loss resulting from Overland Water and Flood are now covered by the Overland Water Endorsement.
  2. There is now NO Sewer Back-up coverage if Overland Water or Flood has entered the dwelling. Sewer Backup coverage would respond where a flood/overland event that takes place and water doesn’t enter your home. This includes the sudden and accidental back-up or escape of water or sewage within your dwelling or detached private structure through a sewer on your premises, septic system on your premises or sump pump located within your dwelling or detached private structure.
  3. $1,000 is now available towards installing a mitigation device (such as a sump pump or backwater valve) following a covered Sewer Back-up loss.

Will Government Disaster Assistance Change With the Introduction of This Protection?


Aviva Canada has indicated that they are working with some government agencies to discuss how the product might change the response of the provincial and federal disaster recovery compensation plans. As of yet there is no indication if this coverage will limit government assistance in the case of a disaster, but Aviva has stated that they "intend to continue working with provincial and federal governments and industry partners to create a coordinated response to disasters."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


1. Why this coverage is called “Overland Water” and not “Flood”?

We want to differentiate between the two terms. In the endorsement wording, Overland Water is defined as fresh water from rivers, lakes or water suddenly accumulated as a result of heavy rainfall. Whereas, Flood refers to coastal flooding from salt water – such as from Tsunamis and tidal waves.

Based on the weather patterns we have been experiencing in recent years, it is likely that we will see more of these incidents occurring. An element of our current pricing reflects our desire to provide a coverage that is not only affordable and broadly available but that is also sustainable. As with all of our products, the pricing will be reviewed periodically and, if necessary, adjusted to ensure that it continues to meet these aims.

2. Will Overland Water protection be available to all customers?

It will be available to the vast majority of our customers. However, there will be a few that live in areas that are very highly prone to overland water where the product will not be offered.

3. Can Overland Water protection be added to all types of policies – rentals, seasonal etc?

It can be added to a wide range of our policy types: Homeowners, Secondary, Seasonal, Condo, Tenant and Rented properties. Overland Water coverage is also available for Ovation and Dolce Vita customers. Due to their high susceptibility to damage, it is not offered with Mobile Homes, Seasonal Fire & EC and Trailers rated as Seasonal.

4. Can Overland Water be added to a policy mid-term?

Yes, it can be added mid-term to a policy.

5. If an above ground swimming pool breaks, and the water escapes and enters the dwelling, is this considered overland water and would it be covered by the Overland Water Endorsement?

Our base policies provide coverage for the sudden and accidental escape of water from a domestic water container located outside the dwelling. This coverage would respond to a loss resulting from water escaping from an above ground swimming pool - not the Overland Water Endorsement.

She cheerfully and patiently answered all of my questions to my satisfaction (before I was a customer) when other companies left me wanting.

Darlene (North York)

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