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Economical Waterwise

 Eco Waterwise

 “We’re committed to putting our customers first, and that’s why we’re providing you with the water damage protection that you need.” – Economical

What is Waterwise?

Waterwise is a new coverage available for most Economical policyholders. This coverage will provide homeowners and tenants with protection from overland water caused by snow melt, heavy rains and freshwater flooding.

In addition to offering Waterwise, Economical is now adding coverage for water service lines to policies with existing sewer backup coverage.

Refer to the chart below to see how Economical has evolved its water damage coverage and the newly available Waterwise product. 


Sewer Backup Extension (Discontinued)

Sewer Backup Extension (New)

NEW Waterwise Coverage
(Optional to add)

Sewer Backup & Drains

Sump Pump


Water Service Line Repair


Overland Water Flooding



Excessive Rains, Spring Runoff



Melting Snow




How do I get Waterwise?

Most policyholders deemed to live in low risk areas will get Waterwise automatically added to their policy free of charge. For those that are in higher risk zones you likely still have the option to add Waterwise for an additional annual premium. Please refer to your policy and/or contact us to determine your eligibility.

Phone: 613-226-6590 or 1-888-391-8379

Email: WaterCoverage@rhodeswilliams.com

*Certain limits and deductibles apply. Not everyone qualifies. See your policy or contact us for details.

We are very pleased with the service that you provide. It is very nice to be able to deal with people who truly care about what matters to us and act in our best interest.

Jeremy & Megan Nowiski

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