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RSA Waterproof Insurance

Protect your Home and Belongings from Freshwater Flooding



What is Waterproof Coverage?


This coverage contains all inclusions found in the Limited Sewer Backup Endorsement PLUS damage caused by eaves, downspouts and drains PLUS for the first time you will have protection against freshwater flooding e.g. snow thawing, heavy rainfall, etc. If you qualify for this coverage, RSA will not distinguish between whether the damage was cause caused by sewer backup or flooding from eaves, downspouts or drains. You have the confidence of knowing you're covered.

 Rsa Endorsement

 RsaHow Do I Get It?

Coverage for this endorsement is available to add effective your renewal or mid-term. If you are a RSA property policy holder with us and you would like to add the coverage, simply contact your broker. If you are not with RSA currently, but feel like you need this coverage, you can contact us to see about transferring your home insurance policy to RSA and adding the Waterproof Coverage™ endorsement for you.

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RSA Waterproof Coverage

Policy Information

*Not everyone qualifies for RSA Waterproof Coverage ─ selecting 'Yes' on the form above does not guarantee coverage

How Much Does it Cost?

RSA customers can add the Waterproof Coverage™ endorsement to their existing policies for a reasonable cost. The cost is determined by the value of your house and the area that you live in ─ relative to risk zones that have been identified by RSA.

For zones deemed to be low risk, the cost is quite minimal with the cost being more if you are located in areas considered higher risk and on properties with greater values.

If you are in a zone that qualifies, contact us now to add the Waterproof Coverage™ or to find out more information.

We are very pleased with the service that you provide. It is very nice to be able to deal with people who truly care about what matters to us and act in our best interest.

Jeremy & Megan Nowiski

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