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Travelers Sewer Back-up and Surface Water Rider

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What is Sewer Back-up and Surface Water Rider?

The Sewer Back-up and Surface Water Rider is an enhancement to the existing Sewer Back-up Rider. The two coverages will be offered as a single rider and cannot be purchased individually.

The rider covers damage resulting from sewer back-up, sump pump failure and septic system back-up as it does today and has been expanded to also include surface water.

Surface water means the accumulation of natural precipitation that pools temporarily over the surface of the ground, or other paved or artificial surfaces. This includes surface water created by downspouts/eaves troughs.

Exclusion note: Flood (rivers, lakes, streams, coastal); seepage/ground water, whether continuous or rapid; and service lines are excluded under this rider.

Here is a comparison of coverage: 


Sewer Back-Up Rider

Sewer Back-Up & Surface Water Rider (New)

Sewer Back-up

Sump Pump


Surface water accumulation (rain, snow thaw, etc)


Ground water (below ground level)



Flooding from rivers and lakes




How Do I Get The Sewer Back-up and Surface Water Rider?


Customers with the current Sewer Back-up Rider will automatically be converted to the Sewer Back-up and Surface Water Rider on renewal. If you currently do not have sewer back-up coverage in place please contact us to discuss your options for adding this coverage.

Phone: 613-226-6590 or 1-888-391-8379

Email: WaterCoverage@rhodeswilliams.com


*Certain limits and deductibles apply. Not everyone qualifies. See your policy or contact us for details. 

We have enjoyed Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers service for over 25 years. They have always been accessible and pleasant with our requests and we feel they give us the best price available!!

Sheila Minogue-Calver

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