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Cover Your Appliances and Home Systems

Restora-Plus™ offers 12 Months Coverage on all your appliances and home systems.

  • No Deductible or Service Call Fee
  • No Waiting Period
  • No Age Restrictions on Appliances
  • No Age Restrictions on Home
  • ​24/7/365 Toll Free Repair Line (1-855-666-7788)

We offer 2 options to suit your lifestyle: Appliance Protection Plan and Appliance & Home Systems Protection Plan.

The Appliance & Home Systems Protection Plan includes everything listed in the Appliance Protection Plan + more.

Appliance Protection Program




 No Price Appliance Protection Program


Appliance Home Systems Protection Plan


Appliance And Home System Protection Program


For more information visit the Restora-Plus website or call us at 613-226-6590

 See a comparison between Restora and Enercare protection programs here


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