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Umbrella Liability Insurance


Personal Umbrella liability insurance provides additional protection in excess of the standard liability coverage for homes, cottages, rental dwellings, automobiles, watercraft and recreational vehicles.

Umbrella insurance provides an "umbrella of protection" to manage your liability risks. In short, umbrella insurance gives you the insurance coverage you need for liability protection.

Umbrella Liability Insurance Features:

  • Worldwide Protection: Frequent travel is commonplace in today's global society, whether it's for business or pleasure. Umbrella insurance provides worldwide coverage for your personal activities.
  • Litigation Protection: Legal awards are escalating. Without the right insurance, a minor incident could develop into a major lawsuit and a disaster. Umbrella insurance provides additional protection for your assets and could prevent personal financial ruin.
  • Higher Limits: How much do you stand to lose in the event of a lawsuit? Umbrella insurance provides higher liability limits to ensure the protection of your valued assets.
  • Broader Coverage: Most personal liability insurance policies contain numerous exclusions. Umbrella insurance provides a "drop down" feature of additional insurance coverage.

Interested in Umbrella Liability Insurance? Contact us now, or read our blog entitled "Get Under An Umbrella - Policy That Is" for more details and examples of where it would be very important to have this coverage.

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